Lead Router vs Calendly: Selecting the Optimal Scheduling Solution

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Exploring scheduling software options? You’re in the right spot. Choosing the right scheduling tool is crucial for optimizing your time and achieving your goals. In this blog, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison of two top contenders: Lead Router and Calendly. We’ll cover key aspects like features, pricing, integrations, and user-friendliness to help you make an informed decision tailored to your enterprise needs. So, keep reading!

Know About Lead Router and Calendly

Lead Router and Calendly both stand as powerful scheduling tools, however, they have some key differences that set them apart. Calendly is ideally suited for small businesses for scheduling important meetings. It is well suited for those seeking a straightforward booking link, as well as businesses in search of an appointment scheduling solution – think doctor’s offices, for instance. On the other hand, Lead Router perfectly matches large-scale businesses with specific lead routing requirements. 

Lead Router’s lead-routing tools are designed to expedite the process of booking meetings for revenue teams while also optimizing time utilization. It caters specifically to expansive revenue teams tasked with handling numerous incoming leads. In this blog, we will delve into the key features, benefits, and differences between Lead Router and Calendly, helping you make an informed decision on which scheduling tool aligns best with your workflow.

Lead Router vs Calendly: A Comparative Analysis

Lead Router offers a seamless solution for lead qualification and scheduling, providing unlimited instant responses. With the ability to customize routing rules based on your sales team’s processes and implement weighted round-robin distribution, Lead Router ensures fair and efficient lead distribution. If you want to quadruple your meeting booking and double inbound conversion, Lead Router will serve you right. 

On the other hand, if you’re in search of a no-frills scheduling solution, Calendly will fit your needs well. While Calendly does offer various scheduling options, it lacks the real-time booking capabilities of Lead Router, which might be a deal-breaker for businesses that heavily rely on quick responses to capture leads and close deals promptly. If you have a revenue and sales development team working on lead generation, then Lead Router will be better than Calendly. 

The following tables delve into the differences in finer detail:

Lead RouterCalendly
Use CaseRouting inbound leads to repsSimple booking link
Team SizeLarge revenue team (5+ reps)Small revenue team (< 5 reps)
SDR InvolvementSDRs book meetings for AEsNo SDRs or independent booking
Rep ResponsibilitiesReps book onboarding meetings for CSMs/AMsNo customer success team
Custom RoutingRoute based on custom fields/properties in Salesforce/HubSpot*Simple round-robin routing logic
Lead QualificationQualify leads before they talk to repsNo lead qualification required
Lead RouterCalendly
CRM Platform IntegrationsCheckmarkSalesforce + HubSpotCheckmarkHigher tiers
Bi-directional CRM syncCheckmarkClose
One-click (formless) bookingCheckmarkClose
Booking on behalf of othersCheckmarkClose
One-click suggested times in emails (no form fill required)CheckmarkClose
Lead RoutingCan route based on:- Account Owner- Geography, industry, company size- Any custom routing rules your business requiresSimple round-robin routing
Lead DistributionCan distribute warm leads to appropriate rep based on trigger events (e.g., reaching lead score threshold, field update in Salesforce, etc.)Close
Lead QualificationCheckmarkClose
Meeting outcome management (via CRM or calendar platform)CheckmarkClose
Sales Engagement Platform CompatibilityCheckmarkOutreach, Salesloft, PardotClose
Customizable Email remindersCheckmarkHigher tiers
Integration with Slack, Zoom, Outlook, Google calendarCheckmarkHigher tiers
Custom API IntegrationCheckmarkHigher tiers

Lead Router vs. Calendly: Pricing and Features

Lead Router employs a pricing structure that is determined by individual product offerings, while Calendly utilizes a tiered pricing model. Attempting a direct side-by-side comparison between Lead Router and Calendly is challenging. However, for reference, we can provide some general guidelines along with delving into the pricing model of both tools.

  1. Lead Router’s “Instant Booker” can be loosely equated to Calendly’s “Essentials” package.
  2. Lead Router’s “Form Router” is somewhat analogous to Calendly’s Enterprise plan (although this is a very rough comparison).
  3. Lead Router’s “Relay” lacks a direct counterpart within Calendly’s offerings.
  4. Lead Router’s “CRMPro” also lacks a direct counterpart in Calendly’s product lineup.


Calendly offers a range of tailored plans to suit your unique scheduling needs. From the free Basic plan for those starting out to the robust Teams plan designed for collaborative scheduling, each tier comes with its own set of powerful features. The plans are described elaborately in the following table.

PlanDescriptionMonthly Cost per Seat
BasicFor individuals starting out with basic scheduling- Unlimited meetings with one event type- One calendar and integrations with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and more- Customizable booking links and page branding- Automated event notifications- Embedded scheduling on your siteAlways Free
EssentialsFor individuals with more sophisticated scheduling needs- Unlimited event types- Group events- Multiple calendars for availability and scheduling- Reminders, reconfirmation requests and other workflows- Live chat support$8
ProfessionalFor small teams who need greater customization and reporting- Collective events- Routing forms- Admin-managed events and user groups- Analytics & insights- Hubspot, PayPal, Stripe and 100s of integrations- Automated workflows with custom notifications & reminders- Customizable branding and logos on your website$12
TeamsFor teams who collaboratively schedule and align on process- Salesforce integration to flow meeting data into the CRM- Round robin events- Route leads with Marketo or Hubspot forms- Lock and sync admin-managed event templates$16

Lead Router

Lead Router stands out with its cost-efficient pricing models, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment. From a free plan for individuals to comprehensive solutions for professionals and teams, Lead Router offers a range of options designed to fit your budget without compromising on quality. Lead Router’s Pricing plans are as described below.

PlanDescriptionMonthly CostAdditional Features
PROForm Router + CRMPro$15 /user/mo
Instant Conversion: Get instant lead-to-demo conversions from your webform.
Smart Lead Routing: Ensure the right leads reach the right SDRs/AEs, supercharging your conversion odds.
Advanced Round Robin: Combine calendars of your SDRs/AEs and maximize available slots for your prospects.
Fair Lead Distribution: Automated lead distribution means every team member gets a fair shot at success.
Personalized Automation: Craft custom automated reminders and streamline communication with personalized email templates.
CRM Harmony: Seamlessly sync LeadRouter with your CRM for seamless lead management.

What one should you choose?

Lead Router takes the cake in almost every aspect compared to Calendly. If you’re all about quick scheduling and rapid lead responses, Lead Router is the way to go. Choose Lead Router’s revenue-boosting platform that fits your pipeline, prospects, and budget like a glove. Your team will love how easy and intuitive it is to use. And the best part? It effortlessly syncs up with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM, making your workflow seamless and efficient. What’s more? Our system is optimized to help you schedule three times as many meetings and double your inbound conversion rates.

In search of a robust scheduling and lead routing solution to turbocharge your meeting bookings? Look no further – we’ve got your back! Still not entirely sure? Experience it firsthand. Schedule a demo today!

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