Meeting Polls: The most convenient approach for all parties to meet together

It can be difficult to arrange a common meeting time in the fast-paced world of business that fits everyone’s hectic schedules. Now introduce Meeting Polls, a scheduling game-changer. This blog examines the ease of use and efficacy of Meeting Polls as well as the seamless integration of this tool for improved meeting coordination with LeadRouter, an AI-powered platform.


What are Meeting Polls?

Meeting polls are online surveys that make it simple for hosts to choose the ideal time for a meeting by gathering availability data from a number of attendees. Organisers can share a meeting poll link with attendees, who can input their favourite time slots in a matter of minutes, instead of sending out individual emails or making phone calls.


Use of Meeting Polls Has Advantages

Meeting surveys provide a number of advantages to both attendees and organisers:


For organizers:

  • Save your time and effort – Reduce the need for back-and-forth phone conversations and emails, which will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Boost productivity – Determine the ideal meeting time as soon as possible to maximise attendance and make sure everyone is available.
  • Minimise conflicts in scheduling – Avoid arranging meetings at times when attendees are unavailable by proactively identifying possible scheduling issues.
  • Acquire insightful knowledge – Learn about the preferences and patterns of availability of participants, which can help with future scheduling.

For participants:

  • Easy access – Send their choices for availability with ease and spare yourself the trouble of arranging with several persons.
  • Accountability – Prior to choosing a time, find out when other participants are available and what their general preferences are.
  • Authorization – feel that they are part of the scheduling process and can choose a time that is convenient for them.
  • Enhanced Interaction – Get timely updates regarding the selected time and location, as well as meeting specifics.


What Makes Meeting Polls Essential?

  • Recognising the Need: Managing meetings with conflicting schedules and time zones can be a logistical challenge. By letting organisers suggest many time slots and letting attendees select the most convenient one, meeting polls provide a simplified approach.
  • An easy-to-use interface: Meeting Polls’ simple and easy-to-use interface eliminates the back-and-forth correspondence that is usually involved in scheduling. It is easy for participants to specify when they are available, which makes things easier for everyone.


How to Make and Distribute Polls during Meetings?

The procedure of making and disseminating meeting polls is easy to understand:

  • Select a platform for the meeting poll – Choose a platform for meeting polls that has the features and capabilities you require. Calendly, Poll Everywhere, and Doodle are a few well-liked choices.
  • Establish the poll – Enter the title of the meeting, the range of dates, and the scheduled times. Additional poll customization options include the ability to include questions about agenda items and preferred locations.
  • Send the link to the poll – Send out calendar invites, emails, or posts on social media to invite participants to the poll.
  • Gather responses – By indicating the times that are convenient for them, participants can indicate their preferences for availability.
  • Examine outcomes – After all replies have been received, evaluate the data to determine when the meeting would be most appropriate.

Utilizing LeadRouter for Polls during Meetings

  • Immediate Availability Reports: By offering real-time data into the availability of important stakeholders, LeadRouter elevates meeting polls. LeadRouter’s integration with your CRM and communication platforms guarantees that the suggested meeting times coincide with the availability of key decision-makers.
  • Proactive Planning: Proactive scheduling is made possible by LeadRouter’s AI capabilities, which take engagement patterns and previous data into account. Based on the preferences of the participants, the platform can recommend the best times to meet, increasing the probability of attendance.
  • Unbroken Communication: LeadRouter enables smooth communication once the Meeting Poll determines the meeting time. The experience is improved overall by participants being informed and well-organized thanks to automated notifications and calendar connections.


Meeting Polls and LeadRouter work together to completely transform how companies plan and run meetings. This combination’s real-time insights, proactive scheduling, and ease of use make it an effective tool for teamwork. Accept the future of scheduling with LeadRouter and Meeting Polls, where determining the ideal meeting time is a simple, data-driven procedure rather than a difficult task.

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