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First impressions count more than ever in the hectic world of contemporary sales. Demoing on the initial call is a novel strategy that LeadRouter has adopted and is revolutionising the way companies interact with their prospects. At LeadRouter, we believe that demoing on the first call is one of the best ways to improve your sales process. In this blog post, we’ll go into the reasons we adhere to this method in this article and why you ought to as well. 

Factors Justify Our Initial call demo

The following factors justify our initial call demo:-

The questions your prospects asked: The fact that first-call demos are what our prospects desire is one of the main reasons we give them priority. Potential customers frequently look for instant information about a product or service in this age of rapid pleasure. We meet their expectations and build confidence from the outset by providing a demo straight away. It proves that we respect their time and are dedicated to giving them the information they want.

There are several explanations for this. First of all, purchasers are time-constrained and prefer not to squander it on meetings unrelated to their requirements. Providing a demo to potential customers is an excellent method of demonstrating to them the benefits of your offering and how it can address their issues.

Second, before making a purchase, customers prefer to examine how your good or services operate. They can ask questions and engage with your product or service in real time during a demo.

Reduced cycles of sales: In the sales industry, time is of the essence. You can speed up the sales process and eliminate needless delays by offering a demo during the initial call. Conventional sales cycles that require a number of follow-up calls can be laborious and occasionally result in prospects being lost. The process of converting a prospect into a customer can be streamlined with a first-call demo, which benefits both sides. Businesses who showcase their products during the initial call see a 20% shorter sales cycle than those who wait until later in the sales process, according to a HubSpot research.

You have to stay ahead of the Joneses: It’s critical to keep ahead of the curve in a highly competitive sector. First-call demos are becoming a more common strategy used by astute companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. By providing this instant benefit, you let potential clients know that you are a creative, forward-thinking business that understands their needs. It’s an approach that can help you stand out from rivals.

Recruit More Stakeholders as Soon as Possible: Decisions involving several stakeholders are prevalent in complex B2B sales. You can engage these decision-makers early on by providing a demo during the initial call. Addressing issues, providing clarification, and fostering agreement are all made possible by this method, which can be difficult when working with a protracted sales cycle. It’s a calculated action that can make choices easier to make.

Six or more decision-makers are involved in 69% of B2B negotiations, according to a LinkedIn survey. You can improve your chances of closing the transaction by establishing a rapport with these decision-makers early on by providing a demo during the initial conversation.

LeadRouter’s Role

Demonstrating on the first call is now simpler than ever thanks to LeadRouter. So that you may concentrate on selling rather than scheduling, our AI-powered platform automatically schedules and assigns demos to the appropriate sales representatives. We at LeadRouter are proud of our AI-driven platform for inbound meetings and conversions. We can provide first-call demos quickly and effectively because we have the resources and technology in place. We accept this plan because we can because we are dedicated to innovation and excellence. We can demonstrate our solution to potential clients in real time, giving them a visual representation of the value we provide. We also provide a range of capabilities, such as screen sharing, video conferencing, and co-browsing, to assist you in delivering excellent demos.

How to Make First-Call Demos Work for You?

Now that you know why we always provide a demo during the first call, you may be wondering how to use this tactic to your own company. These crucial actions will guarantee your success:

  • Getting ready – Finish your homework before the call. Recognise your prospect’s goals, expectations, and pain spots. Make your demo unique to their requirements and worries.
  • Accuracy – Make sure your demo is focused, succinct, and clear. Steer clear of providing too much information to prospects. Focus on the salient characteristics that are most pertinent to their areas of interest.
  • Engagement – Have a two-way discussion. Make sure prospects actively participate in the demo, ask them questions, and solicit their feedback.
  • Practice – Learn how to use the equipment and tools that you will be utilising during the demonstration. Practice guarantees a presentation that goes off without a hitch.
  • Follow-Up – Provide any more details, references, or clarifications on any unanswered issues as soon as possible after the demo. Give the prospect the information they require to proceed in order to maintain the momentum.


To sum up, one tactic that is transforming the sales landscape is the power of demoing on the initial call. It’s what prospects want, keeps you competitive, shortens sales cycles, involves more stakeholders sooner, and—most importantly—it’s a strategy that’s made possible by cutting-edge systems like LeadRouter. Making this method work for your company means that you’re not just following a fad; rather, you’re using a potent tactic that can propel your success in the fast-paced world of contemporary sales. Enhancing your sales performance can be achieved by demonstrating during the initial call. You may deliver demos that qualify leads more quickly, complete more transactions, establish rapport and trust, and collect feedback by using the above advice.

We strongly advise you to begin demoing on the first call if you haven’t already. It’s among the best things you can do to raise your conversion rate.

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