Top 21 Email Tracking Tools & Software for 2024

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies is essential to staying ahead in the fast-paced world of sales. With its ability to provide sales teams with data into recipient engagement and optimize communication methods, email tracking software has emerged as an essential tool. We’ll examine the top 21 email monitoring tools and software of 2024 in this thorough guide, covering their features, advantages, and seamless integration with LeadRouter—an AI-powered inbound meeting and conversion platform—to improve the sales process as a whole.

Significant points:

  • Email tracking software offers data into recipient engagement, which improves sales communication.
  • Numerous programmes address various facets of email tracking, ranging from comprehensive analytics to tracking opens and clicks.
  • Email monitoring tools are enhanced by LeadRouter, an integrated AI system that guarantees a smooth and effective sales process.

Email tracking software’s main advantages

Among the advantages of email tracking software are the following:

  • Insights into email performance in real time. To determine levels of engagement and pinpoint areas for development, monitor email openings, clicks, and replies.
  • Recognising the behaviour of customers. Examine the ways in which receivers respond to your emails, including the links they click and the amount of time they spend reading them.
  • Recognising email marketing that works. Determine which of your email campaigns are effective at reaching your target audience and achieving your goals.
  • Enhancing the time and substance of emails. Adjust the content and timing of your emails to the preferences and actions of the recipient.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of marketing and sales. Utilise email monitoring information to improve sales conversions, personalise interactions, and nurture leads.

The Top 21 Tools and Software for Email Tracking

The top 21 email tracking tools and software for 2024 are listed below:

  • Saleshandy. a feature-rich platform for sales engagement and email tracking that includes sophisticated functions like deal tracking, lead routing, and email automation.
  • Yesware. a well-liked email monitoring solution with individualised sales templates, in-depth reporting, and real-time open and click tracking.
  • Mailtrack. a straightforward yet efficient email monitoring application that offers recipient location data in addition to standard open and click tracking.
  • MySignature. A tool for managing email signatures that combines email tracking and offers performance analytics.
  • Email analytics. A data-driven platform for email analytics that provides in-depth knowledge on campaign efficacy, customer behaviour, and email performance.
  • Right Inbox. An email programme with a productivity focus that includes email tracking along with scheduling, snoozing, and reminder functions.
  • SalesBlink. An AI-driven platform for sales interaction that integrates task management, social media monitoring, email tracking, and call tracking.
  • An email tracking and prospecting tool that combines email verification and identification to find legitimate email addresses and monitor outreach effectiveness.
  • HubSpot. A full-featured CRM platform with a range of marketing and sales automation tools that includes email tracking.
  • Salesforce Pardot. An additional CRM software that offers sophisticated segmentation and personalization tools and has email tracking capabilities.
  • Mailchimp. a well-known email marketing platform with email monitoring built in to gauge the success of campaigns.
  • Zoho CRM. a cloud-based CRM system with tools for marketing automation, including email tracking.
  • Cirrus Insight. a platform for sales engagement that mixes activity reporting, call monitoring, meeting scheduling, and email tracking.
  • Mixmax. An email productivity tool with follow-up automation, scheduling, and email tracking built in.
  • Bananatag. A sales template and real-time open and click notifications are provided by this email tracking solution.
  • DocSify. An email tracking application that monitors documents opens to make sure the recipients have seen the papers that are important.
  • MailTag. An email productivity solution that facilitates email follow-up management and guarantees prompt customer inquiry responses.
  • AtomPark Software. a feature-rich platform for email tracking and sales engagement that includes opportunity management, lead scoring, and email automation.
  • Streak. A CRM application with Gmail integration that includes pipeline management, task management, and email tracking capabilities.
  • An email productivity tool that offers information into recipient engagement and assists in managing email follow-ups.
  • LeadRouter. An AI-driven platform for inbound meetings and conversions that works in unison with email tracking tools to maximise lead routing, customise interactions, and boost sales.

Selecting the Appropriate Email Monitoring Software to Meet Your Needs

Think about your needs and budget when choosing an email tracking programme. Some things to think about are:

  • Features for tracking emails. Evaluate the degree of specificity and instantaneous insights offered by the instrument.
  • Incorporations. Ascertain that it is compatible with the CRM, email platform, and other marketing platforms you now use.
  • Cost. Consider pricing options and select a tool based on your usage needs and financial constraints.


Using the appropriate tools is essential for success in the ever-changing world of sales. The 21 email monitoring tools and software that are featured in this list are designed to meet a variety of purposes and provide features that range from automation to analytics. By offering AI-driven insights and automatic meeting coordination, LeadRouter integration enhances the sales experience even more. In 2024, when you manage the intricacies of sales communication, take into account LeadRouter’s easy connection with email tracking tools for a thorough and effective strategy to boost sales.

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